It has been a while since Tae Kwon Do Indoor Hall opened to audience. Quiet a while to be accurate. Since Athens Olympic Games 2004. Thanks to the president of Hellenic Wrestling Federation, Mr. Kostas Thanos and 2015 Veteran World Wrestling Championships, this amazing stadium is back on the spotlight.

Everything turned out perfectly in last night’s opening ceremony. The stadium was packed with crowd, fully equipped for wrestling games and looking astonishing beautiful in orange and blue. In total 48 flags stand out on the highest level of the venue, and gives it a formal look, with UWW flag and H.W.F . in the center among them.

«I am proud to welcome all these veteran wrestlers and their families in Greece for this important event» said Mr. Thanos and added : «The stadium hadn’t been used since the Olympics Games, which is a shame. It is a great venue, located in Faliro, one of the best areas of Southern parts of Athens. We, as Hellenic Wrestlingg Federation, are doing everything in our power to promote the event and I think that we have met the challenge so far».

Athens 2015 Veteran World Wrestling Championships Day2 was even more impressive than Day1. More people came to the arena to watch family members and friends wrestling. From 10am until 9pm, Tuesday 13th to Sunday 18th, wrestling is finding back its routs. At the birth place of the Olympic Games. The birth place of Arts, Democracy, Philosophy. The land of Socrates, Zeus and Olympiads.

Athens 2015 Veteran World Wrestling Championships is supported by Greek Tourism Organization (EOT).

It is also sponsored by: Sportcamp, ΙΕΚΑΚΜI, Grande Secreto Media Group.

Media sponsors: Sport- FM 94.6,, Hellenic Martial Arts.