Approximately 800 male and female wrestlers will enter the mats of Athens 2015 Veteran World Wrestling Championship which started on Tuesday morning (October 13th) and ends Sunday (18th) at Tae Kwon Do Indoor Hall. Fifty three of them are Greeks.


Olympic medalists, world and national champions will battle thoughout the week on the mat and off. Like USA wrestler Richard Jensen who has his own unique and amazing life story. Ex methamphetamine addict, ex convict found the strength to become a true champion of life. During his prison time, he was informed of his mother battle with cancer promised her to quit and did so, even though she passed away shortly after. «It is my first time at Veteran Worlds and a great opportunity to send out my message… Life is a long lasting strungle and everyone can become a champ”, like he describes on his upcoming book “Lost Dreams Awaken”

Maria Prevolaraki is a volunteer

Two time European silver, greek native Maria Prevolaraki is a volunteer on her free time from her daily training routine. « I am at a prep stage and there was no way, that I wouldnt be around to support such a major event held by my country. It is an honor for me to be able to see so many wrestlers that have inspired us, the younger generation», she admits.

Veteran World Wrestling Championships 2015 is sponsored by Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT). It is also supported by: ΙΕΚ ΑΚΜΙ, Sportcamp Group, Grande Secreto Media Group.

Media Sponsors: Sport- FM 94.6,, Hellenic martial Arts.