More and more wrestlers arriving in Athens as days go by for the kick off of the Veteran World Wrestling Championships 2015, held at Tae Kwon Do Indoor Hall (Faliro) from 13th-18th October. Approximately 700 athletes (male and female) from 47 countries will compete in this event (free entrance for audience).
American MarieZieglerisalreadyinAthens. Two time silver medallist in World Championships 1990 and 1991 and without a doubt, a pioneer in female wrestling. «I am so happy to be in Greece and definitely looking forward to competing. I truly believe that we will have a spectacular championship because we all, still, love wrestling and never stop working out» she points out.

Athens 2015 Veteran World Wrestling Championships opening ceremony will be carried out on Tuesday October 13th (18:30 local time), presented by Mr. Alexis Costalas, well known around the artistic sport world. Itwillbeapuretheatricalplay, basedongreekmythology, ancient Olympic Games and wrestling then and now.
Veteran World Wrestling Championships 2015 is being sponsored by Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT).

It is also supported by: ΙΕΚΑΚΜΙ, Sportcamp Group, Grande Secreto Media Group.
Media Sponsors: Sport- FM 94.6,, Hellenic Martial Arts.