The last day of the World Veterans Championships ended with enormous joy for the hosts, Greece. At Loutraki, the Greek finished with 5 golds, since Spyridon Kountouratzis became the new world champion. Greece finished with 9 medals (two more silvers and 2 bronzes) of the most exciting Championships in history of Veterans.

The finals (Veterans A)

62k Benjamin Kjar of USA won another medal here at Loutralki and it was gold. The American was facing Nicola Caradonna of Italy and it was a close one. He had a 3-0 lead, Caradonna got one point but Kjar, with his family in the stadium screaming for him, won the gold.

Michael Van de Walle of France won the bronze by fall against Sabolc Futo of Serbia

70k. Jihyun Jung of South Korea was on another level here at Loutraki. He finished all of his opponents very quickly and in the final it tokk him 1 minute and 12 seconds to win my superiority Perica Dimitrijevic of Serbia.

Aibek Berdaliev of Kyrgyzstan and Petar Georgiev of Bulgaria won the bronze medal.

78k. Timann Foerland Schamborn of Norway and Eric Buisson of France had the most entertaining final of the last day. Schamborn had a 3-1 lead, but after a small discussion from the referees, Buisson got 2 points and the advantage for the gold, which he kept until the end of the match.

Pascal Sepp Ruh of Germany was tied 2-2 with Joel Gjelaj of Albania. But the German won by fall just before the break and got one of the two bronzes. Scott Michael Loescher of USA won by 6-5 his compatriot Walter Rashaad Saunders and got the second gold.

88k.  Plamen Lyubomirov Palev of Bulgaria is the new world champion. Against Elgiz Mammadov of Azerbaijan he had an 8-0 lead and he hold this difference to finish the final with a 8-2 score.

Kyle Curtis De Berry of USA had a 8-2 lead but Bakytzhan Nuradinov of Kazakhstan somehow took control, got an 11-8 and won the bronze by fall.

Nils Marcus Euren of Sweden got the bronze as well winning by fall in 54 seconds Temirlan Abishev of Kazakhstan

100k Walid Said of Sweden and Spyridon Kountouratzis of Greece had a match for the ages. Said, who had difficult battles, had a 1-0 lead but Kountouratzis tied the final and with that point got the 5th gold for the hosts.

Ilias Boukis of Greece and Nikolai Trishin (AIN) had the same result, but Greeks did not had celebrations this time. Trishin got the bronze by technical point and Zsolt Dajka of Hungary won the second bronze.

130k Juszup Samhanovics Nunajev of Hungary was the last one of the 6 day event that became world champion. Against Ronald John Dombkowski II of USA won by fall, while Zaza Shavadze of Georgia and Mingo Marcus Grant Jr of USA won the bronze.