Veteran World Championships 2015 is opening curtain on October 13th at Faliro’s Tae Kwon Do Indoor Hall with, what is expected to be, a spectacular opening ceremony. Attendants, athletes, coaches, media will have the opportunity to get informed on the origin of wrestling and its place at the Olympic Games thru a 60 minutes theatrical play.

This performance has two theatrical parts. The first one is all about the myth of Zeus’s rescue by Cronus and the upbringing of the infant by his mother Ria, thanks to the care of Trofon and warrior/dancers, Kurites. During the second part, there will be a reconstruction of children’s life and training at the palestra in ancient Greece and will continue with another reconstruction of ancient Olympic Games.

Dancers, musicians and others who will take part in these plays are volunteers from all over Greece, former wrestling champions who are currently wrestling instructors. Further more, most of the athletes participating are distinguished in nationals in their categories. Such as Vasilia Zachou who competed at gymnastics ensemble in London 2012 Olympic Games. Scene play and directed by Christos Kolias and Charilaos Chondronasios. Music Supervisor: Vasilis Folinas.
Athens 2015 Veteran World Wrestling Championships will take place from October 13th to October 18th, at Tae Kwon Do Indoor Hall with more than 700 male and female athletes from 41 countries.

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