One more day of excitement, passion and cheers. One more day, the third of the world championship cadets, continued with a high-level spectacle and fascinating matches, in the Olympic center of wresting at Ano Liosia. The greek presences in female wrestling were complete yesterday and now all the attention is on the big hope of greek wrestling, Giorgios Pilidis. The sport’s golden boy and one of the favorites for a medal, will start tomorrow his efforts for the gold medal as it’s the one that lacks in his high-class collection. Moreover, on Friday the greek athletes that will wrestle are: Petros Stefanidis, Giorgios Kougioumpsidis, Giannis Loizidis and Stellios Stamatis.


Cardanov: “ You play for the win”

Amiran Cardanov, the coach of Giorgios Pilidis, stated the following after the draw with Jordan Decantour (U.S.A): “When you play for the win it doesn’t matter if the tough opponent is in the first or the last game. You have to enter the match so as to win them all.”


Dencatour: “I feel ready for Pilidis”

The opponent of Giorgios Pilidis in the category of 58kg in free wrestling, showed full of confidence in the Olympic Cadets at Olympic Hall in Ano Liosia. The young wrestler from the USA, Jordan Decantour spoke for the match against the two-time silver medalist in World Championships. “I feel ready. You have to win the best in order to continue. I will give everything for the win”, was mentioned from the 17year old American wrestler, for the two-time European champion and one time silver medalist.


The winners

The gold medal in 38kg category of Girls has been taken by Shahana NAZAROVA (AZE). She won against Mariia TOMYSHCH (UKR) in only 1.22 min. The bronze medal was shared by Julieta Esperanza MARTINEZ GONZALEZ (MEX) and Luchana BEKBAULOVA (RUS) .


In 43kg category, Umi ITO from Japan had the upper hand in the match against Emily King SHILSON (USA) in 17 seconds and became the world champion, with a very impressive way. The third step of the pedestal was shared by Aldynai DARZHAA (RUS) and Neelam NEELAM (IND).


Japan make it through the top once again in the 49kg. as Suzuna YOSHIMURA (JPN)  won with score 7-2 against the Russian Mariia TIUMEREKOVA. Zeynep YETGIL (TUR) and Tetiana PROFATILOVA (UKR) took the bronze medal.


The “triple crown” of Japan broke in the final of the 56kg category of Girls. Sena NAGAMOTO (JPN) didn’t had a happy end with Sonam SONAM (IND). The scoreboard wrote 3-1 for the Indian wrestler. Anna Hella SZEL (HUN) and Anastasia BLAYVAS (GER) shared the bronze medal.


The final of 65kg was ambiguous, where Honoka NAKAI (JPN) won in details the American Alara Lea BOYD. The bronze medal was taken by Viktoryia Alesia DZEHTSIARENKA (BLR)  Oksana CHUDYK (UKR).


Giatzoglou singled out


Athina Giatzoglou made the best greek appearance in Girls Wrestling. The young athlete has made it through the round of 16 in the category of 46kg with an impressive way. In few seconds she won against Natalia Valzac after a takedown. In that moment the Polish athlete was unlucky and got injured in the left hand and she was later taken to hospital.

In 52kg and in the round of 16, Maria Triantafylliopoulou lost after takedown in a match against Minasky Minasky from India.

In the qualifiers of 70kg, Maria Makridi lost after a takedown to Alena Timofeeva from Russia, as did Anna Maria Pantazi in the 60kg’s category. Although she tried too much, eventually she lost after a technical takedown against Kirti Saxena (CAN).

Georgia Gkougkoudi had passed through the second round of repechage in 56kg, didn’t manage to qualify to the further rounds, after her defeat – with a takedown – to Anastasia Blaivas from Germany.


The draws of greek athletes  


Tomorrow, in 42kg category, Petros Stefanidis starts his efforts in the round of 16 against Murat Kourdaibergen from Kazakhstan. In 50kg, Giorgios Kougioumtsidis starts from the qualifiers against the Swiss Tomas Ep. The big greek hope for a medal in the competition, Giorgios Pilidis, plays in the round of 16 against the Jordan Micheal Decatour from the USA. In 69kg, Giannis Loizidis starts in the pre-qualifiers against the Russian Soslanek Budaev and in the 85kg category Stelios Stamatis – also in the pre qualifiers – will face the Armenian Kamo Chakobianian.


Doucouciev was awarded  


Before the beginning of the morning schedule, the Greek Federation of Wrestling awarded the Olympic athlete Islam Doucouciev: One of the most impressive athletes in wrestling history took the silver medal in the Olympic Games in Barcelona 1992 and four gold medal in World Championships (1990, 1991, 1993, 1994).


The Greek National Tourism Organization, the Region of Attica and the Municipality of Fylis are supporters of the event. Theoni Waters and Ipirotiki are sponsors of the games, while Athens-Macedonian News Agency (AMNA), Cosmote TV and Sportime are Communication Sponsors.