Living legend, Andrzej Wronski is in Athens wrestling at Athens 2015 Veteran World Wrestling Championships. Twice Olympic gold finalist, Polish wrestler is enjoying every moment of his trip in Athens and it showed at the mat during his three matches in Day4 of the competition.


“I am so happy to be here again. I still remember what a great time I had in Athens Olympics in 2004” he said and continued by pointing out: “I feel great. I get my energy from the stands. Maybe this is my secret of success and definitely, my secret of this long lasting career. I will keep on wrestling for as long as I live. To be accurate, until my knees tell me to stop. For as long as my knees keep handling me at the mat”. Polish Olympic medalist and world champion with five European medals in his athletic resume, still, wrestles on a daily base. Even though, he is 50 years old.

Wronski didn’t face any difficults against Greek Wrestler Haralampos Kaltsidis (C 130 kg). It took his just 1’ 58’’ to complete his match and get first place and gold medal. When Polish super star wrestler got his breath, he got invited to the VIP area by Mr. Kostas Thanos, President of Hellenic Wrestling Federation and the flashlights went off….

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