The second day of the the World grappling championships (U15 and Veterans) had some amazing matches and finals in which the winners had fo fought until the last second to get the gold.
Once again, Ukraine lead the U15 competition with another astonishing day. Five golds, 9 silvers and 2 bronze went to their chest, after a great 2-day competition.
Hosting country, Greece, had one bronze medal with Thanos Kastanas, while in Veterans category, Greeks won one gold, 3 silvers and one bronze, with all five contestants of the day, getting medals!
Kazakhstan and Spain had an productive day, winning the majority of the the 20 finals of the day.
With Grappling championships coming to an end, the most fascinating part of the Championships, the World veterans Championships of Olympic wrestling, will start on Tuesday.
Men GI U15
35k: The gold medal match was between two Ukrainias. Daniil Tsyhankov and Roman Shostak had a great match, but it was Tsyhankov at the end who got the crucial points and got the gold (6-2).
42k.: One of the most entertaining finals of the morning session was the one of Assanali Abayev of Kazakhstan and Vadym Kostreba of Ukraine. Abayev had the lead, but the Ukrainian came pretty close to chance the faith of the final. But Abayev at the end managed to get more points and win with a 13-6 score.
47k: On a Round Robin category, Zakhar Dremhliua of Ukraine was unbeatable and without losing a single point in 3 games, he got the gold medal! Darrighton De la Cruz Mercedes got the silver with 2 wins and one loss, while Radmir An of Kazakhstan got the bronze.
53k: Ismail Kenzhetayev of Kazakhstan and Yevhen Protsiv of Ukraine fought for the gold medal. Protsiv was impressive and won another gold for his country, after a 8-0 lead and a win by fall.
For the bronze it was Vladyslav Hubanov of Ukraine and Ulysse Boulin Brahim of France who fought for a place on the podium. Hubanov made the difference and won 10-1, with the Ukrainian fans going… nuts in the stadium.
59k: Two exciting finals for the gold and the bronze medal in a 5 minutes distance at Loutraki. Vanik Sargsyan of Armenia won the gold after winning Abdula Uzhakov of Kazakhstan by a 2-0 margin. For the bronze, the winner was Izan Rondriguez Sosa of Spain who beat 3-2 Illia Babenko of Ukraine.
66k: Keylian Planque of France and Ivan Sofronii of Ukraine were the two finalists, with the French winning the gold with a 6-2 score.
Athanasios Kastanas of Greece and Artem Dotsiuk from Ukraine were the two who tried to win the bronze medal. It was a complete thriller with the Ukrainian tied the match 2-2, just 20 second before the end, but the Greek youngster got again the lead (3-2) just 7.5 secs before the end. It was his second bronze medal after the opening day on his category without Gi.
73k: On a Round Robin category, Kumarkhan Omarbay of Kazakhstan got the gold with 3 wins in 4 games. Same result had Ukrainian Yaroslav Fedyna but he lost 6-3 from Omarbay on the 3rd round and got the silver. The bronze medal went to Eduardo J. Rosario Silva of Spain.
100k:: Antonii Sterstiuk of Ukraine won Hurten Mkrtchian with a 9-0 score.
Women Gi U15
40k: With winning by fall, Aruzhan Almatbayeva of Kazakhstan won the gold against Kateryna Serbova of Ukraine.
44k: Two Ukrainians were the only contestants and it was Vladyslava Smilianska who won the gold against Sofiia Andriichuk (6-2)
48k: On a 3 round robin match ups, Lilianna Pellegrini of of Hungary won all 3 games she participate and got the gold.  Aikunum Ruslankyzy of Kazakhstan was second and Nikol Bathori of Romania third.
52k: Sara Cicio was unbeatable and got the gold medal with a 15-3 score against Viktoriia Lavruk (Ukraine). Iris Garcia of Spain got the bronze medal after beating Aidana Suleiman of Kazakhstan by 10 to 2.
57k.: Diana Jetpispayeva (Kazakhstan) had a great run and got the gold, after a great win against Alejandra Boixander Banol of Spain. For the bronze medal match, Daiana Antonia Hotiu of Romania won 8-2 Daria Maltchevka of Ukraine.
80k: On a 4 game Round Robin, Mercedes Garcia Rodriguez of Spain got 4 wins and got the gold, in front of Daryna Tomachynska (Ukraine) and Tetiana Tkachyk (Ukraine).
Veterans A
66k. The biggest thriller of the night was the final between the Greek Georgios Kelasidis and Bekbolat Bainazarov. Kelasidis had the lead 3-1, but the Kazakh managed to tie the match. On the extra minute, Bainazarov managed to win by fall and got the gold medal.
77k. Another great final with Ukranian Maksym Petrenko and Armenian Suren Khurdayan. The match was pretty close with a 3-2 lead for the Ukrainian who won by fall at the end.
84k. Jaouad Karbal Assila of Spain won both games on a Round robin tournament, with Hungarian Richard Radi winning the silver.
92k. The final between Greece’s Savvas Karypidis and Ramazan Kussainov of Kazakhstan, could go either way. Karypidis had the lead, but Kussainov got crucial points, seconds before the end of the final and got the gold with a 5-2 score.
100k. The final between Eldar Rafigaev and Greek Ilias Boukis, was a one man show. Rafigaev of Moldavia won the Greek legend by 15-0, while Boukis was wrestling with an injury.
130k.: Big celebration for the host nation Greece, since Ioannis Kargiotakis won the gold medal. In a round robin tournament, he won 3-1 the Iranian Karim Jafar Nezhadpoorhossein and with an emphatic 15-0 against Ike Okoli of USA, became the World champion. Okoli was the one who won the silver since he won his Iranian opponent 4-0.
Veterans B
62k. Jose Julio Santana Delgado managed to win the final with a 6-1 margin and by fall against Philippe Lofti Alilat of France
71k.Olekseii Oliinyk won the gold pretty easily since we won all four games on a RR tournament, two of them by fall. Spaniard Juan Miguel Valles Garcia won the silver and Abu Dastan Zinaliyev of Kazakhstan the bronze.
77k. Two Kazakhs, Oirat Makhmedov and Aniyet Sharisev battled for the gold and Makhmedov won 3-2 a pretty closed match.
84k. Aidar Makhmedov of Kazakhstan and Moldovan Ion Cojocaru were the two favorites, but Makhmedov won all 3 games of the RR tournament by fall and won the gold medal. Mynzhasar Alpamyssov won the bronze with one win in three matches.
100k. No one could manage to win Roman Torekhanov of Kazakhstan. Three emphatic wins were enough to get him to the tallest spot on the podium, while Romanian Vasile Mircea Cublesan was second and Ahmed Mansoor of Canada third.
130k. Ihor Okuniev of Ukraine won by fall Yeray Perez Rodriguez and won the gold medal.
Veterans C
71k. Daniel Perez Higuero of Spain won all three of his matches, one by fall, to get the gold medal. Like yesterday, he beat three athletes from Kazakhstan and he is going back home with two gold medals. Sabyrzhan Zholdayev and Talgat Kalzhanov were second and third perspectively.
84k. USA’ s Michael Richard Kelly won the gold after winning by fall Hungarian Gyoerghy Stagel, while already had the lead with a 5-2 score.
92k. Jose Miguel Tamayo Meijas won his second gold medal at Lutraki. Once again he was unbeatable, winning both games against Steven Nagolsky of USA and Nikolaos Panoutsos, who got the silver and the bronze medal.
130k. Another gold for USA for Gabriel Beauperthy with 2 wins by fall. Moises Gomez Lopez of Spain got the silver and Laszlo Bakos the bronze.
Veterans D
130k. Two athletes of Kazakhstan, Sergey Tymchenko and Kuanysh Myrza fought against each other and Tymchenko got the win pretty quickly by fall.
Veterans E
71k. France’s Dominique David Sejalon is the new world champion after winning Istvan Kleber after an extraordinary performance. He got a 21-4, the biggest score of the day, here in wonderful city of Loutraki.
130k. Jeffery Anderson got the gold since Anuar Uxumbayev couldn’t participate cause of an injury.
Veterans B
58k. Two Spaniards, Naroa Garcia Dorronsoro and Marta Amigo Abeledo, were the only women contestants of the night. Dorronsoro won the gold by a 7-4 score in an a really good match.