Third day in the fascinating world of wrestling. The world championship of Cadets continued with a high-level spectacle and extraordinary matches, in the Olympic Center of Wresting at  Ano Liosia-Athens. The top event in the world once again attracted, not only notable wrestlers, but also many official guests. Among of them today were the Undersecretary of Education, Dimitris Mpaxevanakis and the general secretary of Interior Ministry, Janetos Fillipakos.

“Our impressions today were excellent. I think this is an event with great success. The fact that more than 60 countries among the world participate in the games and the big interest that the people show during the matches, shows the fine job that the Federation made and they deserve only Congratulations. Wrestling is one of the sports that publicity lights are less and for little time. It is very well-known that most of the time they train is silent and of course for a purpose and for madness. They also deserve congratulations for their insistence and for the serious try that is done these days”, told to the press the Undersecretary of Education, Dimitris Mpaxevanakis.

The general secretary of Interior Ministry Janetos Fillipakos said “We have to congratulate the organizers. They have done a great job despite the difficulties that our country faces. Wrestling is correlated with Greece and has shown off many champions. It honors Greece. We try in a romantic way to achieve the best”.

Pagkalidis was unlucky  

The greek interest was turned to Ilias Pagkalidis but unfortunately his course finished in second round of repechage in 85kg category in Greco-Roman wrestling. The greek wrestler saw his chance of competing for the bronze medal slipping away, as he lost the match in details. The match against Alex Gergo SZOKE (HUN) was judged in details as the Hungarian took the win with 2-1 score after a penalty that Pagkalidis made. Althought Pagkalidis tried hard in the last seconds, he burst in tears and Alex SZOKE tried to comfort him. Sportmanship at his best in the Olympic Center of Wrestling in Ano Liosia.

The positions of Greek Athletes in Greco-Roman wrestling

42kg    Panagiotis Ioannis Trimis                15th

46kg    Eyaggelos Fotios Mpoukis              13th

50kg    Antonios Parotsidis                          7th

54kg    Kostantinos Damianakis                  16th

58kg    Georgios Nikolopoulos                    27th

63kg    Georgios Theodoros Dimitriadis      17th

69kg    Dimitrios Nikolaidis                           20th

76kg    Ioannis Xinopoulos                           24th

85kg   Ilias Pagkalidis                                    7th

100kg Konstantinos Manolopoulos               17th

“Bronze” hope for Gkougkoudi

Georgia Gkougkoudi has the chance for a good position and why not try to win the bronze medal. The greek wrestler, in the round of 16 in 56kg category, lost with a technical takedown by Sena Nagomoto. The Japanese athlete confirmed her superiority and in the final of the fourth day she will fight for the gold medal.

Thus, on Thursday (7/9) Gkougkoudi will wrestle with Anastasia Blaivac from Germany as she has made it through the second round of repechage. In case that the greek athlete will win the German, she will face Angelica Agnieska Mitcovska from Poland in the final for the bronze medal of repechage. On the contrary, at the third day two other greek athletes haven’t made it through the next round. In the round of 16 in 65kg, Theodora Telianidou lost with takedown from the Slovak Suzana Molnar. Maria Triantafillidou went only to the qualifiers in the 49kg category and lost with takedown to Veil Rey Beiker (USA).

Today Winners

In today’s medal race, Gurban GURBANOV (AZE) was the world champion in 42kg of Boys in Greco-Roman wrestling. The winner won an objection in the last four seconds and finally had the upright hand with 5-4 against the Ukrainian Hennadii ZAVERTAILO. Yerassyl MAMYRBEKOV (KAZ) and Daniel Dimitrov PRAMATAROV (ITA) shared the bronze medal.

Vladyslav KUZKO (UKR) won the gold medal in 46kg category after winning, with 3-0 score, Nihat MAMMADLI (AZE). Temur KHOZREVANIDZE (GEO) and Anvar ALLAKHIAROV (RUS) won the bronze medal.

Interesting match-ups also in the 69kg category, where Vladyslav KRAVCHENKO (UKR) was the world champion of Boys. After an ambiguous final he managed to win Ashu ASHU (IND) and wear the gold medal. Duran TOSUN (TUR) and Davit SOLOGASHVILI (GEO) left the Olympic Center with the bronze medal.

In the category of 76 kg, Mehran Seyed Jafar SAADATIFARD (IRI) won against Istvan TAKACS (HUN) and took the gold medal. The bronze medal was shared to Giorgi TSOPURASHVILI (GEO) and Akylbek TALANTBEKOV (KGZ).

In a hard fought match and the last final of the day, Muhammed Furkan DURSUN (TUR) won 5-3 the Russian Mukhammad EVLOEV and took the crown in the 85kg category. Alex Gergo SZOKE (HUN) and Mohammad Ghorbanali NOSRATI (IRI) shared the bronze medal.

The champion team is Russia

On Wednesday the Greco-Roman wrestling matches finished. Although the titles didn’t finished yet, because the champions teams took over in the ground of the Olympic Center. The gold medal went to the Russian team, followed by Ukraine and Iran. The president of the Greek Federation of Wrestling, Dimitrios Trampakoulas made the medal ceremony, with the Russians beign finally the best team in the world.   

The Schedule of Thursday

The morning schedule of Thursday (7/9) starts at 10:30 including four greek participants of young girls wrestling – except for Gkougkoudi – whilst the afternoon schedule starts at 17:30.

In the qualifiers of 46kg the greek athlete Athina Giatzoglou drew with Natalia Valzac from Poland in 60kg. Anna Maria Pantazi has the match against Kirti Saxena from Canada in 70kg. In the same category, Maria Makridh drew with the Russian Alena Timofeeva. In the round of 16 in 52kg, Roumpini Triantafyllopoulou  drew with Minasky from India.

The Greek National Tourism Organization, the Region of Attica and the Municipality of Fylis are supporters of the event. Theoni Waters and Ipirotiki are sponsors of the games, while Athens-Macedonian News Agency (AMNA), Cosmote TV and Sportime are Communication Sponsors.