With absolute organizational and fighting success the World Championship of Cadets was completed in the Olympic Hall at Ano Liosia. At this moment we have to mention that the Olympic Center opened its gates after The Olympic Games in Athens 13 years ago. The event had a great success and many congratulations were given to the Greek Federation’s responsible staff not only from the World Federation of wrestling, but also from the countrie’s representatives. The event was honored by the presence of members of the government, of the major opposition, political party members, manager of athletics, famous athletes and of course celebrities.

As for the fighting content, the greek interest was focused in Giorgos Pilidis, in 58kg of free wrestling. Despite the fact that he didn’t won the gold medal, he wrote his own record in the history of the sport. The 17th year old wrestler took 6 consecutives medals in the category of Boys, both in World and European championships, an achievement that on one before has reached.

Russia crowned World Champion team


Russia was the champion team in free wrestling, whilst U.S.A and Azerbaijan took a step in the pedestal too.

In the finals of 46kg, Kurt Ninhmy McHerney Jr. was the world champion as he won the Georgian Giorgi Gegelassavili. Magomed Abdullah took the bronze medal.

Iran took the gold medal in 54kg. Mehdi Ahbra Esqibascuolai won in the final the category the Japanese Yamaguchi Kanata. Vladislav Oostphenko (Ukraine) and Imam Ganisov (Russia) took the bronze medals as well.

In 63kg, Russian team won the gold medal as the Japanese Kensin Ito lost from the Russian Inar Kettia. The bronze medal was shared to Azeris Hajimurand Gadjieff and American Jackie Timmer.

Aaron Marcel Brooks (U.S.A) took the gold medal in76kg. In the final he won with 13-8 score the Russian Arsagang Kostiev. The third step to the pedestal was taken by Piotr Karaseni (Moldova) and Meisam Enawatolah Zari (Iran).

Finally, in 100kg the gold medal was taken by the American team.  In a tight match the American Daniel Gregory Klinton Kerklit Jr won 2-1 of Ismail-Bek Niroff. Segedmehmedi Sheentabasali Hasimiyubari (Iran) and Ziyamuchamet Saparov (Turkmenistan) took the bronze medal.

In detail the positions of the Greek squad

Free Wrestling of Boys

 42k. Petros Stefanidis         15th place

46k. Ioannis Martides                      12th place

50k. Giorgos Kougoutsitsis             8th place

54k. Christos Christofordis             20th place

58k. Giorgos Pilides                        3rd place

63k. Christofors Loizides                15th place

69k. Ioannis Loizidis                        20th place

76k. Stavros Alevizos                      21st place

85k. Stelios Stamatis                       20th place

100k. Giorgos Vrontos                    21st place


Greek-Roman Boys:

42k. Panagiotis Ioannis Trimis           15th place

46k. Evangelos Fotios Boukis            13th place

50k. Antonios Parotsidis                     7th place

54k. Konstantinos Damianakis          16th place

58k. Georgios Nikolopoulos               27th place

63k. Georgios Theodoros Sotiriadis  17th place

69k. Dimitrios Nikolaidis                      20th place

76k. Ioannis Xinopoulos                     24th place

85k. Elias Pagkalidis                           7th place

100k. Konstantinos Manolopoulos    17th place


Wrestling of Girls:

46k. Athena Yatzoglou                        9th place

49k. Maria Triandafyllidou                  17th place

52k. Roubini Triantaphylopoulou       18th place

56k. Georgia Gugoudi                         22nd place

60k. Anna Maria Pantazi                     21st place

65k. Thodora Telianidou                     20th place

70k. Maria Makridis                             12th place

The Greek National Tourism Organization, the Region of Attica and the Municipality of Fylis are supporters of the event. Theoni Waters and Ipirotiki are sponsors of the games, while Athens-Macedonian News Agency (AMNA), Cosmote TV and Sportime are Communication Sponsors.