The big celebration of wresting, the world championship cadets continued for a second day in Olympic centre of wresting at  Ano Liosa. The first impressive greek result came from Antonis Parotsidis in 50kg in Greco-Roman, with finally taking the 7th position. Ilias Pagkalidis in 85kg of Greco-Roman has the chance to gain even the bronze medal through repechage.

Antonis Parotsidis brought the first good result for Greek national team in Ano Liosa olympic hall. In the first round of repechage in category of 50kg in Greco-Roman his Mexican opponent  Jose Alberto Santamaria didn’t come to wrestle, giving the qualification to the Greek wrestler. in the critical game  that led to the final of repechage and the claim of bronze medal , Parotsidis faced Manuel Stoica. The Romanian took the lead early with 4-0. Parotsidis wrestle back in the second period in order to take the lead. In the last seconds of the match the Greek wrestler managed to approach the score but finally Stoica win the match with 5-3 score, whilst they’re  many complains about the referee decisions. Through repechage Ilias Pagkalidis will continue his effort for award as in the quarter-finals  of 85kg category of Greco-Roman wrestling, defeated with 7-4 score by Muhammad EVloev from Russia. The Russian in the round of 16 had eliminated the favorite for the gold medal, Yelaman Ayoub from Kazakhstan. Evloev had made it in the final of the category. Thus, Wednesday (6/9) Pagkalidis remained in the medals and in the second round of repechage will face the winner of the match Alex Sojde  (Hungary)- Yelaman Ayoub (Kazakhstan). If he will win, he will claim the bronze medal in the final of repechage against Luka Zakariadze from Georgia. Pagkalidis in the quarter-final  after a tough match against the Croatian Tomislav Hader took the lead 2-0 and eventually won  2-1 score, gave him the qualification to the round of 16. In the round of 16 he had also won Dan Kastrasan for Moldova with 3-2 score.  Evaggelos Fotios Foukis in the round of 16 in the category of 46kg in the Greco-Roman wrestling defeated with 8-0 score by Nurjat Kambirahimov  from Kazakhstan.

In the qualifiers of 76kg of Greco-Roman wrestling, Giannis Xinopoulos did not manage to overcome Turpan Bisultanov from Denmark, as he were defeated 3-0. Dimitris Nikolaidis faced an early elimination in the qualifiers of the 16kg category in the Greco-Roman wrestling after his defeat with 6-1 score from the Swedish Rasmus Astrom. In 42kg category Panagiotis Trimis didn’t wrestle against Hafeni Festus Asino from Namibia.

The Medals

After the exciting final in the 50kg category the Japanese Ken Matsui was declared  the winner. Initially he took the lead with 7-0 score, but Zaur Aliyev from Azerbaijan approach the win with 7-6 score. In the last seconds Matsui manage the time properly and finally took the victory. The bronze medals were taken by . Vladimir ZABEYVOROTA (Russia) and Hayk ASATRYAN (ARM).

The top of 54kg category belonged to russia. German Doev win Nursultan Bazarbayev from Kazakhstan   with 7-5 score, having the lead in the whole duration of the match. Doev  took the lead 2-0, 6-2 and  7-3 with Nursultan lessen in 7-5 and didn’t manage to claim the gold medal. The third place was shared by  Aliaksandr PECHURENKA (BLR) and Beka GURULI (GEO).

Mohsen Fathollah MADHANI (IRI) won gold medal in 58kg category who dominate Sonu SONU (IND) with technical takedown. The third position was shared by Kosei TAKESHITA (JPN) and Sergey Aleksandrovitch CHIGIREV (RUS). World champion in 63kg  was declared  Dmytro MIROSHNYK (UKR) who dominate Mostafa KAYED KHORDEH (IRI) with 3-1 score. The bronze medal was shared to Otar ABULADZE (GEO) and Artem EROKHIN (RUS).

Finally, in the final of 100kg, Cohlton Michael SCHULTZ (USA) had won with 3-1 score the Hungarian Balint VATZI in the last nine seconds. The bronze medal was shared to Seyedmojtaba Seyedmostafa HOSSEINI (IRI) and Oleksandr YEVDOKIMOV (UKR).

The Schedule of Wednesday

The morning schedule of Wednesday starts at  10:30 and the afternoon schedule at 17:30 with the young girls making their debut, whilst the Greco-roman wrestling ends with the  Boys repechage and the finals of the categories. In wrestling part, apart from Pagkalidis, in the qualifires of 49kg, Maria Triantafyllidou will face Veil Rey Beiker from U.S.A. In the round of 16 at 56kg category Georgia Gougoudi starts her effort  against Sena Nagamoto from Japan as well as Theodora Telianidou who will face Juzana Molnar for slovakia.

” The Greek National Tourism Organization, the Region of Attica and the Municipality of Fylis are supporters of the event. Theoni Waters and Ipirotiki are sponsors of the games, while Athens-Macedonian News Agency (AMNA) , Cosmote TV and Sportime are Communication Sponsors.