The last day of the freestyle wrestling concluded with some thrilling finals and a huge  moment for the host country Greece.

Ioannis Papadopoulos won the second gold medal for the country, after winning all of his four matches. United States of America had the most productive day with three medals, while 4 AIU athletes got a spot to the podium.


The finals (Veterans A)


62k. Jalal Suleymanov of Azerbaijan and Benjamin Joseph Kjar of USA were the two finalists. Kjar had a 1-0 lead after the first part of the final, but Suleymanov managed to come back and win the gold with a 4-1 score.

Ken Kikuchi of Japan and Amantay Nuradilov of Kazakhstan won the two bronze medal matches.


70k. Fuad Mussayev of Kazakhstan was leading 4-0 against Matthew Justin Collum of USA in the final. Collum decided went all in in the last 70 seconds and got the lead 6-4 that gave him the gold.

Another athlete from USA, Grant Shoyei Hutaff Nakamura won the bronze, as Bulgarian Emin Eminov who got a spot on the podium threw repechage.


78k. Eldar Magomedovitch Gaidarov (AIN) was amazing in the final against Tomohiro Inoue of Japan. It took him 1:46 to become the new world champion.

For the bronze Rinat Toktobekov of Kyrgyzstan and Zaid Hilal Majid Galeb of Iraq battled for the bronze. Galeb managed to hold the 3-1 lead he had from the first half of the match and got a spot on the podium. Amir Turdubaev of Kyrgyzstan won without a fight the second bronze of the category.


88k. Temur Gelitashvili of Georgia and Gabor Hatos of Hungary had probably the most open final of the day. No one could get a lead, until Gelitashvili found a way to get two points and win the gold with a 3-1 score.

For the bronze Abdulhamit Altun of Turkey and Mohammed Jamshidi Solukloei of Germany had both the change to win the match but it was the German that kept a 5-4 lead and won the medal. The other bronze went to Alan Zasseev’s (AIN) chest.


100k. Javad Sadegh Nazari of Iran won the gold without a fight since Ahmet Bilici of Turkey was injured during the semifinal. Aibek Usupov of Kyrgyzstan and Ismail Ozdamirov (AIN) got the bronze medal.

130k. The last final was the one that the hosts were waiting for. Ioannis Papadopoulos of Greece and Yanko Rumenov Handzhiyski of Bulgaria battled for the gold. The Greek warrior got an early 3-0 lead and he controlled the rest of the match. Handzhiyski got one point with a minute left, but that was all and Greece got it’s second gold after Emzarios Betinidis last night.
Mohammed Sabah Abdulmalek Saklawe of Iraq and Rustam Gereikhanov (AIN) were the two who won the bronze.